Laurel liqueur 50 cl
  • Laurel liqueur 50 cl

Laurel liqueur 50 cl

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Laurel Liqueur is an excellent digestive characterized by an intense scent and an amber color tending to green. Obtained from maceration of laurel leaves, laurel liqueur is perfect after meals especially based on roasted meats. In summer it is served fresh with a slice of lemon.


50 cl bottle

Ingredients: water, alcool, cane sugar, macerated bay leaves, herbs and spices.

Alcohol content 30° vol

The company offers jams, liqueurs and typical products of the Salento food culture. The artisan production factory operates by applying strict hygienic and sanitary procedures in self-control at each stage of the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product, in order to guarantee the maximum safety and quality of the products made.

We also produce for HO.RE.CA and in particular pastry shops, bakeries, hotels, B&B.


Jars and capers per carton: 12 pieces also mixed; Mini jars 30 g per carton: 105 pieces, even mixed; Bottles 50 cl "Essenza Lei" liqueurs: 6 pieces; Bottles 50 cl liqueurs "Mediterranean Classics": 6 pieces also mixed; Bottles 10 cl "Mediterranean Classics" liqueurs: 12 pieces also mixed.